Happy birthday Soundistan

Bangkok based Soundistan celebrate their first anniversary accross White Line and Safe Room on Saturday 15th June. 


Soundistan's committed organisers have a straight forward and admirable remit - to curate high level subterranean music events, showcasing the finest artists from all corners of Asia. Though not all of the talent on show is internationally known, the prerequisite is that they represent top quality esoteric music. Soundistan offers a platform to bring together the very best the region has to offer, and the vibe created is warm, friendly and inclusive. 

The anniversary party is billed as a day and night affair, promising to pack in eclectic sounds from the full gamut of underground music. This is including - but not limited to - melancholic folk, abstract disco, leftfield electronica, and all the way accross the galaxy to space age techno. The acts on show hail from Taiwan, Maldives, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan and beyond, and apart from the music, outrageously delicious, plant based Indian food, and authentic Italian Lasagne will be on offer to add fuel to the festive fire. 

Full event info here