Irresistable Ahmed Fakroun re-issue on Groovin Records

When browsing the week’s new releases, Groovin Records’ re-issue of much coveted Arabic disco gem ‘Auidny’ most definitely piqued our interest.

Milan based Groovin have been doing an excellent job in re-introducing hard to find music from across the globe, and seasoned diggers will be well aware that much of Fakroun’s back catalogue fetches handsome prices on Discogs and the like. This is the first official re-issue of his 1977 cut, and happily, it also includes the dreamy B-side from the original release, ‘Njoo El Ley!’.

Multi-instrumentalist Fakroun was born in Libya, and was a pioneer in fusing traditional Arabic and Libyan sounds and melodies with 70s and 80s European and US pop influences. Produced by Alberto Nicorelli, ‘Auidny’ is a seductive groove, with it’s warm, rolling bass and funk guitar building into an anthemic chorus. Flipside ‘Njoo El Ley’ is slightly more subtle, but no less infectious. We highly recommend snapping up one of these delightful 7’s, they’re not likely to hang around too long.