Killer moves from Mildlife

Yet more top drawer music coming out of Melbourne, Australia. This time it’s semi indescribable, jazz-funk fusionists Mildlife serving up the goods, with their How Long Does It Take EP, out now on Heavenly Recordings.

Previous releases Phase, Phase II, and Magnificent Moon deservedly won them a host of admirers across the globe, and the quality threshold on show for this package is equally high. The live sounding original version pulses seductively as a rolling bass and heavy snare rhythm underpin delicate flute licks, eventually building into an organ laden psychedelic dance-floor freak out. Cosmic heroes Danielle Baldelli and Marco Diongi offer up two solid remixes, the first of which strips it the fuck back, adds snappier drums, and makes use of the funk guitar and flute licks to hook us into the groove. Their Malba mix is just as floor friendly, but adds tripped out, futurist synth arpeggios, as the track meanders hypnotically, tickled by gentle Rhodes keys as the rhythm builds and drops throughout. All mixes are brilliant, but we’ll leave you with the exceptional original for now. Shouts to champion digger Neil Hazel for the tip off here.