Three is the magic number for Transport

Bangkok party heroes Transport have made it to three years, still rocking hard, and relatively unscathed. No mean feat in a city where organising events is a seriously perilous affair, what with po-po, arbitrary curfews, and pop-up alcohol bans. 


We love this gang. Made up of literal brothers Seelie (Liam) and Mr Mowgli (Luke), alongside - figurative brother - Brent Burns, the trio bring a lot to Bangkok's party table. Musically they incorporate a lot of grand tackle, ranging from Balearic and afro-cosmic, all the way across the rainbow of goodness to Detroit house and hard-as-fuck techno. They definitely pay close attention to what's hot internationally and are all committed hunters of dance floor fire. Quite apart from that, they're all excellent lads, and at their discos, the DJ ego is firmly set aside in favour of party fun.

Since their birth, they've brought over a whole host of worldwide talent to perform at their regular home - our favourite - 12x12. More recently they've been hunting out lesser-known and unused spaces to, erm, transport the Transport, and have gone full old-school - in that they will only be announcing the venue on the day of the gig. Of course, most of us are far too young to remember this, but it's reminiscent of early 90's revellers driving around London's M25 motorway, waiting for directions of the warehouse rave.

They'll be serving up a series of three secret events to celebrate their coming of age. Event info for number one can be found right here.