Blue Feather's 'Let's Funk Tonight' flies again

The infectious Dutch boogie classic gets a tasty dub revision by the Faze Action brothers.

Another day, another slab of European disco gold resurrected thanks to the diligent work of Claudio Casalini and Marco Salvatori over at Best Record. This time the light is shone on Blue Feather’s club hit ‘Let’s Funk Tonight’.

Originally released on Mercury, the synth-boogie bomb made it into the UK pop charts back in 1981 and was more recently featured on Dimitri From Paris’ ‘Return To The Playboy Mansion’ compilation. This 12 features a remastered version of the full extended ‘Peter Frost’ mix which, after powering through the verses, brilliantly meanders over ten minutes of jazzy instrumentation, heavy percussive breakdowns, and space-age lead lines.

Faze Action brothers Simon and Robin Lee

Faze Action brothers Simon and Robin Lee

We decided to feature the flip side, where Best call upon London based duo Faze Action to add their dexterous touch, which they do so expertly in delivering their dub interpretation. The brothers transform the arrangement, making the most of the heavy groove, enduring hook, and cosmic lead synth. The vocal is used only sparingly, while subtle delays fill the space as the cut rolls and builds for maximum dance floor impact.

We’ve been playing this out pretty constantly since we received it, and it’s fair to say it’s a sure-fire, feel-good party jam.

Another highly recommended release from Best. The record is due out on August 12th, and you can buy it right here.