555 creative project launches out of Bangkok

Music, art, and good laughs are rolled into an exciting new package, bought to you by one of Bangkok’s most beloved creatives.


For those unfamiliar with the Thai language, the number 5 (ห้า in Thai) sounds phonetically like ‘ha’. So, in Thailand 555 is commonly used to mean ‘hahaha’. It’s this slang that forms the inspiration for the latest creative offering from locally based DJ, event promoter and designer Sunju Hargun - one of the founders of the ever-popular Karma Klique. We spoke to him to get the inside story.

The brand identity draws inspiration from vintage Thai posters, packaging, and iconic designs, all lovingly re-purposed with a comic twist. The idea is to laugh at everything. ‘There is not much of a plan or layout as this is very fresh and we believe it’s important to keep having fun and not grow it too fast. Currently, it’s all about experimenting and finding our direction’ says Sunju. ‘Eventually, original designs and fun art will be placed on merchandise such as t-shirts first, and in future the hope is to create a comic book, although this is all far ahead in the works’.


The idea of combining this comedy with music is certainly refreshing - more than a few in the industry probably take themselves a little too seriously, so an injection of humour will provide a healthy tonic.

First on the agenda, Sunju is organizing several small events at two of Bangkok’s most renowned serious music venues ‘The events for this year feature local, regional and international selectors that will be showcased 12x12 and Studio Lam - which we are extremely happy about as again, it's all about going back to the basics and keeping things intimate and simple’.

We think this project seems like a lot of fun and has great potential, we love the designs and are excited to see how it unfolds. You can keep up to date with 555 and find out more via the Facebook and Instagram pages.

The confirmed upcoming events are as follows, click on the flyers for more info: