Dreamy new Private Agenda remix package

The London / Berlin based duo release more Balearic gold, this time featuring remixes from favourites Mark Barrott and Max Essa.


Sean Phillips and Martin Aggrowe continue their interdisciplinary approach to making music with ‘The Space Between Swells’ remix package on Lo Recordings, featuring reworks of recently released ‘Aura’ and ‘Sea Life’.

Private Agenda’s ‘eclectic, eccentric pop project’ has been gaining some serious traction since it’s 2014 inception, which saw the release of ‘De Ja Vu’ on Mark Barrott’s International Feel. It’s fitting, then, that they turn to Mark for remix services here.

Offering vocal and dub reworks, he turns the ambient original into a 10 minute-plus meditative journey. Subtly hypnotic textures ebb and flow over a gentle rhythm track, while far-off vocals drift in and lightly embrace. His soothing, dream-like mix is beyond horizontal, making us yearn to be close to the ocean’s edge (instead of in the hectic Bangkok backstreets in which our office is based).

Tokyo based legend Max Essa delivers two equally inspired interpretations of ‘Aura’, in the form of extended vocal and dub versions. We chose to play you the vocal version, where he stays fairly faithful to the emotive and slightly melancholy original mix, sprinkling his sunset magic while adding bass-groove extensions and understated beats to the blissed-out instrumentation. It’s a really, really beautiful song and vocal performance, and Max’s version expertly allows the lyrics and melody space to breathe. We feel this one has genuine cross-over potential and is likely to be heard gliding across warm skies for years to come.

Out next week, the original songs, as with all of Private Agenda’s catalogue, are deserving of full attention. You can buy the digital releases here.