Scott Grooves E2 E4 resurection


Written by Matt Stancombe

An evergreen record and unlikely smash hit, Manuel Gottsching’s signature recording, simply called ‘E2-E4’ has been used and abused countless times, remixed, covered, remade and rehashed by the good the bad and the ugly. A 50+ minute (over two sides of vinyl) ambient minimal record bordering on Krautrock became known as one of the classic NY downtown records favoured on Larry Levan’s dancefloor inside the Paradise Garage. Am important record influenced by both Steve Reich and Latin club rhythms, itself is cited by key players in their scenes as crucial to the development of house and techno music today. Some of my favourites include:

Paperclip People – Remake (and the Basic Reshape, by Basic Channel)

Sueno Latino – Sueno Latino (and all the remixes)

Chieko Beauty – Make Me Know It (most wanted dub-wise interpretation)

Gottsching & Zeitkratzer – E2-E4 Live

And now another familiar name, Scott Grooves, has tastefully and reverentially produced his own version. Since first appearing in the universal dance music consciousness back in ‘93 - with works for important Scottish techno label Soma followed by releases on Joe Claussell’s infamous Spiritual Life Music - he eventually starting self release his music. Scott’s style and confidence has developed and matured over time, recently enjoying himself with some 7” funk and soul releases worth checking. Two records that appeared early in my own collection were the Daft Punk remix of ‘Mothership Reconnection’, and deep house classic ‘the Journey’.

Back to E2-E4 and Scott can introduce his own work, a superb 15 minute long cover with stand-out live drums (you get the feeling the drummer had a mighty fine time letting loose!), cementing it’s dancefloor appeal whilst keeping the Balearic kids nice ‘n’ mellow

Still available to purchase here: