Preview: Best Record re-issue Blue Night's 'Turn Me Loose'

Best Record have done it again, unearthing yet another diamond from deep in the disco mines of the meta-Italo world. We’re very happy to present the preview here, including the new SIRS cut.

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We’ve already gushed somewhat about the extraordinarily fine work Claudio Casalini and his Best Record team have done in re-introducing long-lost sounds from the greater realms of Italo disco, but our hats are off to them once again for presenting the extended version of this star-gazing delight.

As is common with Best releases, this Peter Micioni produced piece belies any preconceptions of the genre as being strictly kitsch or sickly-sweet. Originally released in 1983, and set somewhere between prog-rock, cosmic disco and Balearic pop, ‘Turn Me Loose’ by Blue Night is an immaculately constructed story of dying love. Laurie Andrew Forsey’s mournful vocal rides over an evolving backing track, underpinned by a relentless bass groove and chugging rhythm guitar. Lush pads and gentle piano licks make way for a dramatic key change, where psychedelic lead guitar and space-age synth textures drive the song into a spectacular frenzy.

On the B side, Space-Ibiza resident (and DJ Harvey favourite), SIRS, flips the track on its head - dispensing with the gentle intro and heading straight to the cosmic jugular for maximum dance-floor impact. This takes the track into a subtly different territory and is an excellent addition to the 12.

We’re fully digging both versions, each of which has its place. You can pre-order the record here.

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