Hatch Bali host Harvey Sutherland

The Melbourne based synth-funk wizard swoops in for some free party proceedings.


It’s looking like a busy weekend in Bali. An excellent addition to an already fun-packed events line-up comes in the form of Hatch’s inspired booking of - one of our favourite producers in recent times - Harvey Sutherland.

The first work of his we came across was the raw but expertly produced retro house groove of ‘Q3’, and since then we’ve kept a close eye out on his releases - with each edition appearing increasingly accomplished and more musically intricate than the last. With releases on Echovolt, MCDE, Voyage and Clarity Recordings, his sound fits into the universe of electronic dance music, but that’s not where the story starts and ends. His keyboard skills seem firmly rooted in jazz-funk virtuosity, and the disco-soul influences in his records are easy to decipher.

We absolutely love his work. Our favourite has to be ‘New Paradise’, which belies it’s gentle jazz-house intro when an enormous lead-synth part bursts out of the speakers like some sort of funk leviathan. It’s a record that hasn’t really left the box since we discovered it.

Another quality event from the Hatch crew, who’s motto ‘Peace, Love and Hatch’ is one we can fully get behind. The party is free, so there’s really no excuse not to attend. Full event info here.

Special thanks to our man in the field, Alex Imix, for alerting us to this one. We’d otherwise have missed it!