Mixtape number three: RYOTA OPP live jam

We love Ryota. Part of Cosmic Tiger's mission is to highlight the beautiful talents we meet in the music world who we sense are doing their thing purely for love, and a genuine desire to create. Enter the OPP. 


Tokyo based Ryota began his dj career back in 1999 spinning obscure hip-hop, house, and breakbeat oddities. His musical odyssey led him to delve deeper into the roots of the experimental sounds that inspired him. Over the years he's amassed a wildly eclectic record collection, aided by his time spent as a vinyl buyer at Coconuts Disk in Ekoda - an Aladin's cave of wax treasures. His magnetic energy behind the decks - coupled with his light-emitting personality and diverse track selection - make him a wonderfully entertaining dj. He's released his own compositions on UK label Meda Fury, and has performed internationally at a number of esoteric events, at venues including Brilliant Corners in London, and 12x12 here in Bangkok..

We are so happy to present to you this live mix he recorded at Cheeky in Tokyo. He weaves rare and little known sounds from deep in his vaults, taking us on a road-trip through his musical mind.