Moodymann on point

Fucking hell, Moodymann has the juice. Anytime he drops a release on our heads. it's worth paying close attention. Double album 'Sinner' on KDJ is just outstanding. 

Kenny Dixon Jr has an ever-evolving sound of his own. Many try to imitate, but his ghetto funk comes from deep within and isn't easily replicated. His musical output isn't always easy to pin down - along the way delivering dusty, sample-heavy house, fucked-up, sleazy as hell neo-soul, dark, wigged-out drug trips, and blissfully jazzy joy rides. What it all has in common, though, is a raw soul - forged in the fire of Detroit's motor city furnace.

The five cuts on this release are all excellent, each offering something different. From the futuristic, distorted bass, lead lines and sultry spoken-word vocal of opening track 'I'll Provide', right through to the magnetic, ultra soulful, downtempo 'Sinnerman' - which is effectively sex on a record. Right in the middle of the LP is the achingly groovy 'If I Gave You My Love', which offers a familiar KDJ house feel, complete with hooky vocal chops and stupidly infectious piano licks. We're kind of split right now as to which is our favourite, so we decided to preview our top two contenders.

All five tracks deserve attention and, unusually, this time the album is released digitally as well as on vinyl - which is a very good thing because most of our choice record stores seemed to be out of stock as soon as it hit the shelves!