Mixtape number two: Andy Ash vinyl jam

So, here we are with our second mixtape instalment, and we're thrilled to bring you a set recorded by one of our favourite producers, dear friend, and all round creative dynamo, Andy Ash. He’s released music on countless high quality labels, including Dessous, Quintessentials, Kolour, Whiskey Disco, and Fly by Night, with a varied sound that skilfully incorporates influences from disco, boogie, Detroit techno, Chicago house and beyond. A quick browse through Discogs reminds us just how prolific his output is at times, and happily, we know for a fact that he’s been busy in the studio recently, so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for more of his funky shit. Until then, press play and enjoy the hot mix!

You can view Andy’s RA page here, and follow him on IG here

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