Premiere: Capofortuna 'Rising Grace EP'

Sofa Talk’s ‘futuretrospective’ Cognitiva imprint offer up a dose of feel-good, sunshine infused jazz-house for their latest instalment.

Capofortuna press pic.png

Capofortuna comprise of Davide Santandrea (AKA Rame), alongside brothers Riccardo and Francesco Cardelli. The three-piece perform live, drawing on their mixed musical backgrounds and experiences, fusing traditional Italo disco and Italo house sounds with a twist of modern jazz-funk. Their style harks back to a classic era, but the contemporary flavour ensures it never sounds dull or dated. They’ve released on Slow Motion and Flexi cuts, and have had music included on Soul Clap’s recent ‘Italo Funk' compilation.

Their debut EP on Cognitiva features three original tracks, plus a remix from Italo dons Leo Mas and Fabrice. Here we feature two picks from the 12”.

‘Bouncing For The Love Of Bouncing’ - which as the title suggests - is a feel-good dancing jam. Rising from a mysteriously psychedelic intro, the track takes off into a floor-filling fervor. Relentless stabs take to the fore, as a delightfully fucked-up synth lead meanders over a massive and deeply anchored bass. The unpretentious cut builds and drops mesmerically. Layered and textured, but without losing sight of its task - which is effectively to serve as dynamite for the club room.

On a slightly less energetic tip, the again sensibly titled ‘Just Chilling’ ebbs and flows effortlessly over a solid 707 drum groove. Lush chords drive the track over a giant bass, as ethereal keys tickle and seduce. Stargazing and dreamy, this is an excellent addition to our sunset crate and a nice foil to the more upbeat numbers on the record.

All of the music is good and well worth checking. The release is ultra-limited to 110 copies, so don’t sleep. You can pre-order/ buy here.