Bangkok debut Melbourne based Amaru Tribe

The international Latin fusionists make their bow at the always enchanting Studio Lam on October 23rd.

Amaru Tribe Photo.jpg

In the native South American Quechua language, ‘Amaru’ is the serpent which connects the spiritual and the subterranean world, and this powerful symbolism is embodied in the Amaru tribe’s music.

The six band members hail from Australia, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Venezuela. Their sound fuses strong Latin and traditional Cumbia elements with contemporary hip-hop and reggaeton flavours, as well as influences from their Australian home. This cross-cultural synthesis formed the birth of a nuanced and rhythm-heavy new sound that the band refer to as ‘Cumbia Oceanica’.

Amaru tribe have already toured extensively and to critical acclaim, but this is the first time they’ve taken the stage in Asia. They’ve found an ideal platform at Bangkok’s home of World music, Studio Lam, and - after performing their own set - will be joined on the night by Toomturn Molam Group to jam together an exciting new universal musical amalgam.

The band recently released a self-titled album, and we decided to give you a listen to our pick from the release, ‘It’s Time’. The earthy didgeridoo underpins the light Cumbia guitar instrumentation as powerful vocal messages weave in and out.

We think the concept of forging together Amaru Tribe’s sound with the undeniable energy of Thai Molam sounds super dynamic and fresh, and this gig will be well worth checking out to witness this unique cocktail being formed.

Check the flyer below for more info.