Aura Safari impress with their debut released

New act Aura Safari launch their jazz funk flavours on the ever convincing Church label.


Camberwell based Church Records should need little in the way of introduction. Previous outstanding releases from Folamour, Session Victim, Gnork, and Chaos in the CBD have made them a go-to label, and ensure all of their output gets full consideration in our ends.

A fitting home then for the latest mutant jazz inspired offerings from Italy, this time coming in the fine form of five-piece outfit Aura Safari. Based in the beautiful surroundings of Perugia, the band (consisting of Alessandro Deledda, Lorenzo Lavoratori, Nicholas Iammatteo, Daniele Melloni and Andrea Moretti) met as players on the local music scene. Coming from a range of musical backgrounds, the quintet have skilfully forged a futuristic soundscape with roots firmly planted in the rich soil of jazz, funk, boogie and Italo on their self-titled debut album.

From the blissfully horizontal ‘Albaia Interlude’ all the way through to the jagged, jerking rhythms of ‘Citizens Of The Universe’, the LP is bound together by a thread of intelligent musicianship and an undeniably hip flavour.

Already available digitally, we’ve been waiting patiently for the wax, which is due out on July 12th. The whole package is exceptionally good, but our pick is ‘Saturn & Calypso’. Lush e-piano chords roll over a deliciously freaky synth bass, while tight percussion propels the crisp, mid-tempo rhythm. We can feel the warm Mediterranean sun caress - as the steady vibes fill the room and disappear off into hectic streets that surround Cosmic Tiger HQ.

You can pre-order the vinyl here.