Cosmic Tiger Podcast: Rocco Universal's Balearic Warm Up

We thought it would be nice to present some of the music we’ve been highlighting over the last few months in the form of a nice long mix, so we’ve decided regular podcasts are a thing we’re going to do now. We don’t really know the difference between a podcast and a mixtape, but we do know most mixtapes these days don’t come on tape. So that’s food for thought, if nothing else.

First up, and most likely very regularly, we have Rocco Universal. He chose a few top picks from the Hot Records section of our site, and spiced things up with some of his favourite releases and re-issues to come out over the last few months.

Rocco Universal is really called Patrizio Cavaliere, he’s been djing and collecting records for years. Though always interested in all kinds of good music, he started out as a house and techno jock, but the older he’s got, the more diverse his sets have become. When he was a teenage idiot he used to attend trance raves, take his shirt off and put UV paint on his face. He’s extremely glad this was long before the days of digital photography and Instagram. He’s also played all over the world alongside artists including Hunee, Folamour, Soul Clap, Floating Points, Giles Peterson and lots of others, and has released music on Leng, Kolour, and Movida Records.

The mix was recorded live at Safe Room in Bangkok.

Rocco Raving

Rocco Raving

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