DJ Kaos at Potato Head HK

DJ Kaos, boss man of the extraordinarily high quality Jolly Jams label out of Berlin, flies into Potato Head Hong Kong to play his unique blend of deep disco on Friday 24th May.

Kaos, real name Dennis Kaun, has been releasing consistently high level music for the best part of 20 years now, on labels including Rong, K7, Compost, as well as on Jolly Jams. His output ranges from the heads down, late night club trip of ‘Promo Only’, to the floating, dream like textures of of ‘Kosmischer Ruckenwind’, and is generally thread around a healthy dose of disco and acid dopeness. He’s remixed artists from beyond the underground, notably superstars Brian Ferry and Tame Impala. Quite apart from his music, he’s also designed clothing for brands including YSL, as well as being a pioneer of West Berlin’s graffiti scene back in his early years. So, well worth checking him out.

Another very good reason to head out is the venue itself. The music room at Potato Head Hong Kong is a dream listening environment for audiophiles. Acoustically treated with beautiful wood panels, vintage speakers mounted into the walls, and kitted out in handsome, retro furnishings, the space alone is more than worthy of a visit.

Event info here