Ilija Rudman drops hot new album 'Sagittarii' on Bear Funk

For his fourth studio album, Ilija Rudman delivers a synth-laden delight bursting with movement, emotion and melodic cosmic layers.


Pulling out highlights from the Croatian producer’s extensive back catalogue is not a difficult task. After a quick rummage through our shelves, we had an impromptu and hugely enjoyable office disco to the sleazy boogie of ‘You Got’, the infectious bass hook and sing-along vocals of ‘Time & Time’, and the bass-heavy neo-soul of ‘Night People’.

With a hatful of releases on labels including Rong, Wolf Music, Is It Balearic?, Instruments Of Rapture as well as his own Imogen and Red Music imprints under his belt, he’s now back on Bear Funk with an excellent new long-player.

The album is characterised by a distinctive analogue sound palette and laser-tight production, with heart-felt melodies skipping over stripped drum grooves. Each track is diligently constructed - from the up-beat, space-age dance of opener ‘Dreamscape Planet’, all the way through to the lo-slung, xylophone-fuelled slow jam ‘Techniques & Tactics (Nocturnal Mix)’.

We wanted to play you two favourites. ‘If I keep My Eyes Closed (Mezzanine mix)’ unfolds blissfully over a rolling groove, rich chords and strings embrace the deep bass, while the contagious lead-line lifts the track as it playfully weaves in and out.

‘Cosmia (Regal mix)’ is a far more urgent affair. Haunting, Detroitesque refrains interchange with a relentless acid synth line, as warm pads and subterranean bass drive the cut over the sparse, crisp beats.

Ilija has managed to create something really fresh with this record - simultaneously futuristic and retro-sounding. We dig it the most, and we strongly recommend giving the whole 12 a good listen. Available in all the best stores, you can buy the vinyl here.