Karma Klique offer up a teaser for upcoming Karma Koncrete event

The Bangkok based collective behind Karma Kruise and Karma Kastle will be back on October 26 with a suitably special event.

A tantalising press-release from the Karma Klique showed up in our inbox yesterday. It looks like they’ve found another exceptional space to host their immersive meta-musical experience - this time in the form of an 10-hour warehouse party at ABOUT Studio.

Now, we’re not privy to the line-up yet, but judging by past bookings - which include Tornado Wallace, Thomas Von Party, DJ Dustin, Dwig and many more luminaries - we’re sure they won’t disappoint. They’re promising their usual mix of international artists alongside lesser-known, locally-based acts who’ve caught their eye in the clubs and discos of the region. “We don’t care how many Facebook followers the artists we book have - our focus has always been on quality.” says organiser Sunju Hargun, which seems to us like a sensibly refreshing manifesto in today’s social media-obsessed age, with promoters prioritising ‘likes’ over musical substance.

Adding to the music, they’re promising a “feast of the senses” - with state-of-the-art sound, top-level mixologists and mouth-watering food trucks. The venue is just a short drive from central Bangkok and can house 800 revellers.

Karma Klique deserve an honourable mention, too, for redirecting profits from their events into a range of projects. Since their first party in 2016, the charity-minded group have contributed more than 400,000 THB to a range of charities including Warm Heart Worldwide, the Duong Pradeep Foundation and Klong Toey Music Program. You have to say respect to that.

You can follow event information here, and we’ll be back with the line-up as soon as we’re in the loop.