'One More Round' for Frankie Knuckles' sought after Kasso remix

Best Record do us all a solid by re-issuing the proto-house pearl.

Best seem to be featuring fairly heavily on this site. There’s a very simple reason for the favouritism we’re showing them: They keep releasing excellent music (and we should probably warn you, there’s plenty more on the way).

For this outing, they present the highly-prized 1986 Kasso remix package, featuring Frankie Knuckles interpretation of ‘One More Round’, along with the Brett Wilcots’ version of ‘Walkman’. The original Claudio Simonetti record was released back in 1981 and is a straight-up Italo classic. On the remix 12, we’re treated to a pair of evocative early house reworks.

Rightfully starting with ‘the godfather’ Knuckles’ mix, we’re quickly reminded why the Chicago pioneer was - and still is - so dearly beloved by the wider dance community. He strips back the original, adding a wonderfully raw and delay-laden drum beat, while using the poppy vocal and instrumentation only sparingly. The track meanders around a dreamy marimba (or possibly xylophone) hook, and it’s stripped, club-friendly vibrations continue to stand up today.

The original version of ‘Walkman’ has to be one of our favourite Italo cuts, largely due to it’s inexorable and more than a little cheeky bass. On Wilcots’ subtle remix, he does well to make the most of this key feature - after chopping it up and teasing it over an extended intro - while toughening up the beat and remaining faithful to the melodic parts of the original.

Due out mid-August and essential as far as we’re concerned. You can buy the release here and in all good stores.