Premiere: Miles Atmospheric 'SkyHealer EP'

The UK based producer lays down some profound textures on his latest release, this time coming to us on Firescope Records.


Written by Rocco Universal

I’ve known Miles for years now, and I love him for so many reasons. We probably first met out on the rave somewhere during our formative years in the unusual bubble of Cambridge - a city that belies its size by regularly churning out creative talents. DJ Harvey, Idjut Boys, Groove Armada, Ray Mang, Hot Chip, and Tim ‘Love’ Lee are just some of the musical lights that have at one time called it home.

Miles and I worked in a record store together, threw shapes, and played gigs together often. Even back then he had an acutely tuned sense of quality when it came to music, with a strong focus on deep house and techno - ‘deep’ being the operative word. Over the years Miles has stayed so true to his musical odyssey, carefully refining, developing and evolving his sound, and he’s dependably released brilliant music. Sometimes thumping, sometimes soothing, and always with roots reaching between the purest house and techno sounds of Detroit and the UK.

So, back to some of the reasons I love Miles. Personally speaking, it’s primarily his peaceful and endearing nature. But in terms of my huge respect for him as an artist, the reasons are twofold: He possesses the golden virtues of being both incredibly talented, and also supremely humble and grounded. This really sets him apart in a vacuous age - where mediocrity is celebrated and where it seems the prerequisite to success is the ability to know how to work the Instagram good, or to copy ‘trending’ DJs top 10 charts (in lieu of any actual musical competence). Miles is fully legit, and the truth is, he should be getting way more of the limelight than he currently receives.

That’s not why he’s doing this shit though.

And that’s not to say his work has gone unnoticed either. He’s released on top quality labels including Finale Sessions, Aesthetic Audio as well as his own Atmospheric Existence, and can count artists such as Fred P, Patrice Scott, Kirk Degorgio Felix Dickinson and Keith Worthy as supporters of his sound.

Miles Beach Colour Front.jpg

Finally on to the release. The four-tracker is typically composed, accomplished and layered, ranging in tone from the densely introspective ambient soundscape of ‘Our Future’, to the shuffling rhythms, immersive pads and spirited bass of ‘Waters Of Life’.

My pick from the 12 is the fantastic trip of ‘See The Light’. Sub-heavy rhythm rolls through a mist of floating pads, the hypnotic and relentless bass hook powers on as synth layers build and vanish, textures emerge and dissipate. Listening to this track I’m lost in a dream, and - as with much of Miles’ music - the result is nothing short of transcendental.

Truly exceptional work, brother. An absolute pleasure to feature you on Cosmic Tiger.

Release set for late August. You can buy it here.