Hidden Spheres to kick off Asia tour

The Manchester based producer raises the curtain at Potato Head Bali, followed by Vietnam and Japan dates.


Since his debut releases back in 2014, Tom Harris, better known as Hidden Spheres, has enjoyed enormous success with his excellent music. He’s released on super high-quality labels, including Church, Lobster Theramin, Dirt Crew, Dabit, as well as his Fruit Merchant imprint - named after his weekly show on Dalston’s NTS Radio.

His evolved musical influences are not too difficult to detect thanks to his clever use of samples, and are also eluded to by his choice of moniker - ‘Hidden Spheres’ being the title of Sun Ra’s 1973 percussion and horn heavy, free-form jazz treasure.

His sound incorporates dusty, sample-heavy head-nodding beats, journeying all the way across the dance spectrum to gritty and tech tinged house. Highlights include the warm chords and vocal chops of ‘Waiting’, or the floating, uplifting pads of ‘Forest Soil’.

We decided to play you the uniquely original ‘It Ain’t Easy’. Subtle layers intertwine over scattered drum hits while gentle keys ebb and flow. An enormous lead synth briefly takes over and then vanishes, making way for emotive strings to roll in like waves. The track breaks down, allowing a driving piano hook to charge in before slowly dissipating as the track is allowed to fade.

His tour starts out at the ever-wonderful Potato Head, Bali on 31st of August, before he heads to The Observatory, Ho Chi Minh on 6th September. He concludes his dalliance in Japan, with shows at Circus Tokyo and Osaka on September 13th and 14th respectively.